The Default DrawTime UI

DrawTime is an editor and renderer for simple digital logic timing diagrams. It allows you to describe the diagram in plain text, similar to the approach taken by Graphviz, and renders the resulting image live as you type. The image can then be saved or printed. Thanks to Python and Qt, the program is portable and can be run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X with no source code changes.

DrawTime started as a small program to help me solve a homework assignment for a Microprocessors course, but I ended up dedicating a whole weekend to it before I managed to stop myself.

One of the goals of this program was to evaluate how ready Python 3 is for real (if small) applications, so it is written in Python 3.1 and uses PyQt4 for the GUI. The result of the evaluation suggests that while external libraries for Python 3 are harder to find, with enough digging you can usually manage to satisfy most needs.

The download below includes the readme which has a complete language reference (it's a small language!), and an example showing a simplified version of an Intel 8088 memory read bus cycle.