Billiards Hall

The Room

Billiards Hall was my course project for Introduction to Computer Graphics. The project had only two requirements: it had to be animated, and it had to make do with OpenGL/GLUT primitives, using no external models. I followed the first requirement to the letter, but used a loophole in the second to include external textures. The application is written from scratch in C++ using OpenGL and GLUT.

The program is in essence a dimly-lit room with a carombole table in the middle and a set of randomly placed billiards balls. The player has a cue and can shoot the cue ball around, gazing in amazement as it rotates and moves the other balls. The physics is simple but fairly realistic, and the balls rotate correctly while moving.


The code should build fine on both Windows and Linux, but my quick test on Linux showed some pretty major graphical glitches. Since this is a toy, I didn't look too deep into it.