Minor Mods

This page contains some of my mods that are too minor to have their own page, but not bad enough to simply leave off the site altogether.

Readable Books

An Open Book

This plugin replaces the generic "lines of text" texture of open books in the game with a readable version, which shows the actual content of each book. Sometimes the books are open on the first page, sometimes on other pages.

Reflective Gold

A Pile of Gold

This simple mod replaces gold coins ingame with higher-polygon models that also have proper gold-coloured textures instead of Morrowind's greenish ones, and reflection maps that simulate light reflecting off the coins. The gold icon is also updated to reflect the changes.

Cloth Additions

Cloth Patterns

This simple plugin adds 17 new cloth patterns for each cloth mesh, replaces them around the world, and adds them to the randomized loot lists.

Max's Glow

A Couple of Magic Items

This is a variant of the popular no-glow concept. It makes the glow of enchanted items look like tiny, lightning-fast flashes of electricity.


Flora Glow

Glowing Flora

This mod replaces the original Bethesda models for Morrowind's luminous flora with versions of the same models that have been glowmapped, giving each individual plant its own true luminosity.

Idea and packaging by Nigedo - I just did the glowmaps.

Dwemer Magic Box

This is an amusing 8-ball style toy that randomly spouts pseudo-relevant quotes.

Idea, content and packaging by Rodrigo Ortiz - I just wrote the code.