Complete Morrowind

A Portable Sewing Machine

Complete Morrowind, by far my largest solo mod, adds a wide variety of crafting skills to the game, allowing players to make over 800 different items from raw materials. Originally released in 5 parts, each specializing in a particular skill, it was eventually merged into a single monolithic mod, which helped eliminate conflicts and reduce the number of bugs.

The abilities added by this mod are:

  1. Cooking, poison-brewing and poisoning projectiles.
  2. Sewing and leatherworking
  3. Woodcutting, carpentry and fletching.
  4. Mining, smelting and metalworking.
  5. Pottery and making items from straw, chitin and bone.
  6. Setting campfires and using kegs and wells.


The mod comes in two versions, one for the vanilla Morrowind, and another for the GotY edition (i.e. with both Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed). The latter has some optimizations that were not possible with vanilla Morrowind, and allows using items added by the expansions for crafting.

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