Death II

Death grew from an idea by Shannon about allowing the player to continue playing after their death. I took this idea and tried to hack together some semblance of an implementation. Later on Marbred picked it up and wrote the second version of this mod.

What It Does

After enabling this mod, there's a chance that you will escape final death by a hair, and instead be reincarnated as an invisible, immortal spirit. You will also be transported to a random tomb, cave or holy place in the wilderness and will have to find your way back to your body to return to the world of the living.

As a spirit, you can't fight, use magic or interact with the environment, and other people won't see you, but you will be able to quickly fly around Vvardenfell and explore the lands from a bird's eye view.

Known Issue

Due to Morrowind's engine limitation, there's no way to reliably bring the player back from the dead. As such, the mod tries to catch that moment when the player is almost dead instead. Since the script runs once every frame, if you are on a slow machine, the player can lose enough health in a single frame to skip the magical near-death moment. The same problem applies when playing a low-level/low-health character, since the player can then go from 5% health to 0% in a single frame.